Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ecstasy For Wildlife Lovers : Ranthambhore !

The private hunting grounds, for the Maharaja of Jaipur, Ranthambhore, near the township of Sawai Madhopur, now rightfully serves as a national park and one of the dream destinations for wildlife lovers like me !

A rare tiger yawn sight
Place: Ranthambhore National Park
Location: Rajasthan
Closest City: Jaipur
How to Reach: 362 Kms from Delhi
Closest Railway Station: Sawai Madhopur
Closest Airport: Jaipur

It was starting of November 2010 when we decided to go on a family trip, just the four of us, and I am so lucky that we came up with Ranthambhore as the final destination. It was not the first time for me, but I always get excited before going to wildlife sanctuaries. 

We reached there after staying one night in Jaipur, and started searching for a good wildlife resort. There were ample of options like The Pugmark Resort, The VanyaVillas by Oberoi, The Nahargarh Resort and many other hotels and camping sites. Over all these options, we chose The Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge, which was only 5 minutes drive from the main entrance of the park. It was fully worth staying there as they provide a lot of activities for children as well as adults throughout the day, a small swimming pool is there, the beds in rooms are really comfortable and also the staff there is very courteous. The room rent includes the buffet breakfast and ya! Don't forget to have Caramel Custard during desserts in the dinner. :P

So now, we were all set to explore the national park so we hired a private Jeep for four people, which cost us Rs. 2500 [including the guide's charges]. The Jeep took us directly from the hotel to the park, and I was ready to capture some great photographic views. We saw a diversity of species of birds in the initial phase of the safari which included Owls, numerous Peacocks who were in their mating season, Storks and many more. 

Finally, we were lucky to spot a lazy yet Regal Tiger resting in the waterhole. It was a scintillating sight and a chance for me to press the capture button as many times as I could ;-) . This was not all, while returning back to the park entrance, we spotted another Tiger going uphill, and that scene was a "cherry on top" for the safari ! 
Tiger resting in waterhole
Another Tiger spotted

Other animals such as Monkeys, Spotted Deers, Neelgai, Langurs were a common sight there. Here are some random pictures which I managed to click during the safari.

Returning to the hotel, we visited the castle "Jhoomar Baori ", where the other RTDC hotel in Ranthambhore is located. It is a must see place in Ranthambhore.
After the safari and visit to Jhoomar Baori, one can always buy Tiger printed T-shirts or posters as souvenirs.

P.S. : You gotta visit Ranthambhore even if you have 0.001% interest in wildlife ! ! !

P.S.S : All these pictures were clicked by me using Panasonic Lumix FZ30.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tranquility Of Nature : Landsdowne !

A pure case of roads better than the destination !
Place: Landsdowne
Location: Uttarakhand(Gharwal)
Closest City: Haridwar
Best Season: Mar - Oct
Weather: Summer 15 to 30°C, Winter -4 to 17°C
Altitude: 1706 m
How to Reach: By car (six hours drive from Delhi)
Closest Railway Station: Kotdwar
Closest Airport: Jollygrant (Dehradun)

Being one of the most quietest hill stations of India, Landsdowne is a perfect weekend destination for pure leisure and comfort. I personally encountered such breathtaking views, that one feels like stopping at all the curves on the roads and click some more pictures. The city is surrounded by lusting greeneries and magnificent views of snow-covered mounts and forests, and a soothing atmosphere, making it such a perfect place for eco-tourism. It is far away from any disturbance of traffic and is never crowded. It is the best place for one to go if they are looking for peace, comfort and rest from the daily routine. Having the most pleasant climate and tranquil environment, Landsdowne will leave an immortal impact on you as it did on me. It is a must-see destination and start planning your visit this weekend, NOW !!!!  :)